Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the course!
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    You Will Need to Create Transparency
    • You Will Need To Create Transparency FREE PREVIEW
    • Fixed Purpose, Flexible Tactics
    • Clarify The Big Picture
    • Create Constraints
    • Encourage a Mindfully Experimental Culture
    • Share as Much Data As You Can
    • Transparency Worksheet Exercise
    • Affirmations To Remember About Transparency
    • Journal Activities for Transparency
    • Transparency Summary
  • 3
    You Will Need To Trust People
    • You Will Need To Trust People
    • To Start With or Earn Trust?
    • Trust Is Not Absolute
    • Use Empiricism
    • Peer Pressure
    • What Can You Do To Increase Trust?
    • Worksheet Exercise on Trust
    • Trust Affirmations
    • Trust Journaling Activities
    • Trust Summary
    • Summary
    • Trust Is Not Absolute
  • 4
    You Will Need To Role Model Giving Feedback
  • 5
    You Will Need To Role Model Receiving Feedback
    • You Will Need To Role Model Receiving Feedback
    • De-Personalise It
    • Filter It
    • Appreciate It
    • Balance It
    • Help Frame It
    • Reflect On It
    • Worksheet Exercise: Receiving Feedback
    • Affirmations About Receiving Feedback
    • Journal Activities For Receiving Feedback
    • Summary
  • 6
    You Will Need To Encourage Healthy Conflict
    • You Will Need To Encourage Healthy Conflict
    • Most People Dislike Conflict
    • What Is Conflict?
    • Model The Behaviours
    • The Conflict Staircase
    • Separate The Idea From The Person
    • Practice Arguing
    • Consensual Decision Making with DECIDE Cards
    • Worksheet Exercise: Conflict
    • Affirmations for Conflict
    • Journal Activities for Conflict
    • Summary
  • 7
    You Will Need to STAY CALM In Difficult Situations
    • You Will Need to STAY CALM In Difficult Situations
    • Seek Permission
    • Tone and Pace
    • Agree The Ground Rules
    • You Are A Part Of This
    • Create Mutual Goals
    • Acknowledge Perspectives
    • Look To The Future
    • Make Agreements
    • Worksheet Exercise: Difficult Situations
    • Affirmations for Difficult Situations
    • Journal Activities: Difficult Situations
    • Summary
  • 8
    You Will Need To Treat People Differently To Treat Them The Same
    • You Will Need To Treat People Differently To Treat Them The Same
    • People Are Uniquely Different
    • What Can You Do?
    • The Human Givens
    • Worksheet Exercise: Treating People Differently
    • Affirmations for Treating People Differently
    • Journal Activities for Treating People Differently
    • Summary
  • 9
    You Will Need To Maintain Momentum
    • You Will Need To Maintain Momentum
    • It's Not a Transformation
    • Establish a Sustainable Pace
    • Don't Let Things Get Monotonous
    • Celebrate Success
    • Share The Credit
    • Develop Bouncebackagility
    • Keep Coming Back To The Why
    • Plan For Succession
    • Develop Some Rituals
    • Worksheet Exercise: Develop Some Rituals
    • Affirmations for Maintaining Momentum
    • Journal Activities for Maintaining Momentum
    • Summary
  • 10
    You Will Need To Become a Politician
    • You Will Need To Become a Politician
    • Establish a Baseline of Trust and Integrity
    • Build Alliances
    • Understand How People Are Influenced
    • Leverage The Energy of Skepticism
    • Understand How Decisions Get Made
    • Practice Your Communication
    • Worksheet Exercise: Organisational Politics
    • Affirmations For Organisational Politics
    • Journal Activities for Organisational Politics
    • Summary
  • 11
    You Will Need To Lose People
    • You Will Need to Lose People
    • Clinging on to the Role of Expert
    • The Pull of Autonomy
    • What If They Leave?
    • Bad Apples
    • Worksheet Exercise: Losing People
    • Affirmations for Losing People
    • Journal Activities for Losing People
    • Summary

Create a Resilient and Coherent Culture

Leadership is the #1 cited reason for failed transformations and there has been precious little guidance for leaders who are looking to create and nurture a culture of self-organized agility in their organizations until now. You will learn how to:

  • Build trust within your organisation

  • Develop a feedback culture

  • Encourage healthy conflict and collaboration

  • Increase engagement in your people

  • Make organisational change more likely

Learn From The Best

Renowned Agile Leadership Coach Geoff Watts

In this course, agile leadership expert Geoff Watts will share with you the challenges you can expect to encounter when leading your organisation through an agile culture change and how you can evolve your leadership style to engage, support and inspire your people while transitioning the culture to one of greater resilience and agility.


  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Once you purchase the course you will have access to the course for life so you can come back as often as you like.

  • Do you do bulk discounts?

    If you have multiple people from your team or organisation wanting to take the course then email [email protected] to discuss options.

  • Are there any live sessions?

    This course contains pre-recorded videos and worksheets. If you would like to couple this with live coaching, training or workshop sessions with Geoff then get in touch [email protected]


  • Geoff Watts

    Senior Instructor

    Geoff Watts

    Geoff is the founder of Agile Mastery Institute and one of the most experienced and respected agile coaches, trainers and authors in the world. With over 20 years experience and multiple award-winning books behind him, he is a sought-after trainer and keynote speaker. This is your chance to get access to Geoff's experience.

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Katie Lomas, Managing Director of Rescue at Direct Line Group

Something New For Agile Leaders

Katie Lomas, Managing Director of Rescue at Direct Line Group

I like the content. There isn’t much out there for someone about to embark on agile leadership for the first time so it brings something new and the video are much easier to digest than a book

Lead With Confidence

There is no playbook for organizational agility but this is as close as you can expect to get!

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