Course curriculum

  • 2
    Decide and Delay
    • Great Product Owners are Decisive
    • Decide What's Making The Decision Difficult
    • Decide When to Decide
    • Decide Where to Focus First
    • Decide to Be Brave
    • Decide and Delay Reflection Questions
    • Case Study: Kenny
    • Decide and Delay Quiz
    • Decide and Delay Worksheet
  • 3
    Give and Take
    • Give and Take
    • Decide to Believe in Yourself
    • Decide Not to Do It Alone
    • Decide What They Can Decide
    • Decide How You Will Decide
    • Use a Decision Making Matrix
    • Create a Matrix of Influence
    • Decide to Trust Yourself and Others
    • Decide Reflection Questions Part 2
    • Give and Take Quiz
    • Give and Take Worksheet
  • 4
    Rank and File
    • Great Product Owners are Ruthless
    • Rank and File
    • Start With No
    • Follow the Vision
    • Reset When You Struggle
    • Rank and File Questions
    • Case Study: Tom Part 1
    • Rank and File Quiz
    • Rank and File Worksheet
  • 5
    Hold and Fold
    • Hold and Fold
    • Technical Debt
    • Fold a Losing Hand
    • Learn from Release Planning
    • Consider Other Options
    • Reflection Questions
    • Case Study: Tom Part 2
    • Hold and Fold Quiz
    • Hold and Fold Worksheet
  • 6
    Trust and Verify
    • Great Product Owners are Informed
    • Recognize and Reduce Bias
    • Do the Research
    • Observe the Customers
    • Develop a Clear Picture
    • Keep Failing Fast
    • Reflection Questions Part 1
    • Case Study: Mike
    • Trust and Verify Quiz
    • Trust and Verify Worksheet
  • 7
    Question and Answer
    • Be CHILD-like
    • Be Curious
    • Remain Humble
    • Illuminate the Situation
    • Encourage Limitless Thinking
    • Be Direct
    • Make Time for Answers
    • Stay Informed
    • Product Backlog Refinement
    • Brainstorm Battle
    • Reflection Questions Part 2
    • Case Study: Judy
    • Question and Answer Quiz
    • Question and Answer Worksheet
  • 8
    Bend and Stand Firm
    • Great Product Owners are Versatile
    • Be Strong by Being Flexible
    • Adapt Your Leadership Style to the Context
    • Approach Difficult Conversations Confidently
    • STAY CALM part 1
    • Remain Flexibly Firm
    • STAY CALM When Facilitating Conflict
    • ORGANIC Leadership Archetypes
    • Goleman's Leadership Styles
    • Case Study: Alex
    • Bend and Stand Firm Quiz
    • Bend and Stand Firm Worksheet
  • 9
    Foresee and Fine-tune
    • Great product owners empirically evolve the product
    • Listen Well
    • Keep The Vision In Mind
    • Get Powerful, Actionable Feedback
    • Change Course as Needed
    • Reflection Questions
    • Case Study: Made by Many
    • Foresee and Fine Tune Quiz
    • Foresee and Fine-Tune Worksheet
  • 10
    Lead and Inspire
    • Great Product Owners are Empowering
    • Great Product Owners Lead From Within
    • Find the Right Balance
    • Overcome Your Own Fears
    • Work With the Team
    • Ease Performance Anxiety
    • Schedule Time for Direct Collaboration
    • Hire Well and Invest in People
    • Don’t Delegate Everything
    • Don’t Forget to Empower Yourself
    • Case Study: Lawrence Part 1
    • Lead and Inspire Quiz
    • Lead and Inspire Worksheet
  • 11
    Show and Tell
    • Take Advantage of User Stories
    • Create Compelling Personas
    • Tell the Users’ Stories
    • Acknowledge the Fear
    • Story Structure
    • User Poems
    • Reflection Questions
    • Case Study: Lawrence Part 2
    • Show and Tell Quiz
    • Show and Tell Worksheet
  • 12
    Appease and Delight
    • Great Product Owners are Negotiable
    • Great product owners know they can't please everyone
    • Pass The Cards
    • Free-Market Prioritisation FREE PREVIEW
    • There never will be a perfect solution
    • Reflection Questions
    • Case Study: Karen
    • Appease and Delight Quiz
    • Appease and Delight Worksheet
  • 13
    Err and Excel
    • Great Product Owners are Perfectly Imperfect
    • Challenge Your Tendencies
    • Audit Your Influencers
    • Deliver the Next Perfect Slice
    • Make Good Mistakes FREE PREVIEW
    • Add Dimension with Story Mapping
    • Reflection Questions
    • Err and Excel Quiz
    • Err and Excel Worksheet
  • 14
    Next steps
    • Congratulations!
  • 15
    BONUS: DRIVEN Self Assessment
    • DRIVEN Self-Assessment Tool

Learn From An Agile Expert

In this on-demand class, agile expert Geoff Watts will take you through the key facets of product management that separate the great from the good. You will learn how to be more DRIVEN:

  • Decisive with incomplete information.

  • Ruthless about maximising value and minimising risk.

  • Informed about your product’s domain.

  • Versatile in your product leadership.

  • Empowering of product stakeholders.

  • Negotiable while you pursue your vision.

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Understand Yourself and Your Product Better

Develop your emotional and product intelligence

Being a product manager requires more than just great knowledge of the product you are intending to build and the market you are intending to launch it in. Being a great product manager requires something perhaps even harder than all of those things…an understanding and mastery of yourself. This course will not only develop your product intelligence but also your emotional intelligence as you become a more rounded product owner.
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  • Geoff Watts

    Senior Instructor

    Geoff Watts

    Geoff is the founder of Agile Mastery Institute and one of the most experienced and respected agile coaches, trainers and authors in the world. With over 20 years experience and multiple award-winning books behind him, he is a sought-after trainer and keynote speaker. This is your chance to get access to Geoff's experience.



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