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  • 9 quizzes to solidify your knowledge

  • 29 audio case studies of real Scrum Master challenges

  • Exclusive access to the Scrum Mastery Self-Assessment tool


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  • Great practical insights

    Claus Trohl

    Geoff explains the different aspects of the Scrum Master role and challenges really well and to the point.

    Geoff explains the different aspects of the Scrum Master role and challenges really well and to the point.

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  • A Great support to the Book

    Caramel Soldier

    Enjoyed going into a little more depth of the the characteristics and role of what it takes to be a Scrum Master. Giving me a better insight of what is expec...

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    Enjoyed going into a little more depth of the the characteristics and role of what it takes to be a Scrum Master. Giving me a better insight of what is expected of this position. Lots to work on with self as well as understanding what types of environments and projects within the creative sector agile scrum would work. Love the fact that it is a resource for life that you can go back to in solidifying your foundation with your approach of being a "Great Scrum Master." Thank you Geoff and Team at Inspect and Adapt.

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Course curriculum

While many teams utilize Scrum satisfactorily, very few have Scrum working to its full potential. Similarly, while there are many good Scrum Masters, there are few great ones.

  • 2
    • Respected Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Above All Empower The Team
    • Case Study: Empower The Team
    • Empower The Team Worksheet
    • Keeping The Peace
    • Case Study: Keeping The Peace
    • Keeping The Peace Worksheet
    • Holding To Account
    • Case Study: Holding To Account
    • Holding To Account Worksheet
    • Respected Quiz
  • 3
    • Enabling Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • The Buzzer
    • Case Study: The Buzzer
    • The Buzzer Worksheet
    • The Problem With Proxies
    • Case Study: The Problem With Proxies
    • Proxies Worksheet
    • Be Selfish To Be Generous
    • Case Study: Be Selfish To Be Generous
    • Be Selfish To Be Generous Worksheet
    • Enabling Quiz
  • 4
    • Tactful Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • A Tale Of Two Scrums
    • Case Study: A Tale of Two Scrums
    • A Tale of Two Scrums Worksheet
    • How Long is a Piece of String?
    • Case Study: How Long Is A Piece of String?
    • How Long Is a Piece of String? Worksheet
    • The Power of Silence
    • Case Study: The Power of Silence
    • The Power of Silence Worksheet
    • Tactful Quiz
  • 5
    • Resourceful Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Sex Up Your Scrum
    • Case Study: Sex Up Your Scrum
    • Sex Up Your Scrum Worksheet
    • Be ADAPTIVE In Retrospectives
    • Be ADAPTIVE In Retrospectives Worksheet
    • The Repetitive Retrospective
    • Case Study: The Repetitive Retrospective
    • The Repetitive Retrospective Worksheet
    • Resourceful Quiz
  • 6
    • Alternative Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • T-Shaped People
    • Case Study: T-Shaped People
    • T-Shaped People Worksheet
    • Getting Stuff DONE
    • Case Study: Getting Stuff Done
    • Getting Stuff Done Worksheet
    • Review The Sprint Review
    • Case Study: Review The Sprint Review
    • Review The Sprint Review Worksheet
    • Alternative Quiz
  • 7
    • Inspiring Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Invoking Creativity
    • Case Study: Invoking Creativity
    • Invoking Creativity Worksheet
    • Sprint Goals
    • Case Study: Sprint Goals
    • Sprint Goals Worksheet
    • Burn The Burndown?
    • Case Study: Burn The Burndown?
    • Burn The Burndown Worksheet
    • Inspiring Quiz
  • 8
    • Nurturing Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • The Problem Team
    • Case Study: The Problem Team
    • The Problem Team Worksheet
    • Growing Individuals Or SQUADs?
    • Case Study: Growing Individuals or SQUADs
    • Growing SQUADs Worksheet
    • Assess Your Way To Maturity
    • Assess Your Way To Maturity Worksheet
    • Remote Control Scrum
    • Case Study: Remote Control Scrum
    • Remote Control Scrum Worksheet
    • Nurturing Quiz
  • 9
    • Empathic Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Two Ears, One Mouth
    • Case Study: Two Ears, One Mouth
    • Two Ears One Mouth Worksheet
    • Yes, but that will never work
    • Case Study: Yes But, That Will Never Work
    • "Yes, but..." Worksheet
    • Coaching For Change
    • Case Study: Coaching For Change
    • Coaching For Change Worksheet
    • Empathic Quiz
  • 10
    • Disruptive Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Forgiveness and Permission
    • Case Study: Forgiveness and Permission
    • Forgiveness and Permission Worksheet
    • Eliminating Distractions FREE PREVIEW
    • Case Study: Eliminating Distractions
    • Eliminating Distractions Worksheet
    • Surviving The Corporate Culture
    • Case Study: Surviving The Corporate Culture
    • Surviving The Corporate Culture Worksheet
    • An ORGANIC Culture
    • Case Study: An ORGANIC Culture
    • An ORGANIC Culture Worksheet
    • Disruptive Quiz
  • 11
    Bonus: Have BELIEF
  • 12
    Bonus: The THEMED Retrospective Handbook
    • The THEMED Retrospective Structure
    • Treasure Maps: A Retrospective Template for Team Purpose
    • Good Food: A Retrospective Template for Creativity
    • User Poems: A Retrospective Template for User Stories
    • ISS Agile: A Retrospective Template for Extending the Definition of 'Done'
    • Apocalypse: A Retrospective Template for Quality
    • The Circus: A Retrospective Template for Team Development
    • Making Music: A Retrospective Template for Collaboration
    • Family: A Retrospective Template for Distributed Teams
    • Science: A Retrospective Template for Experimentation
    • Reframing: A Retrospective Template for Abstract Reflection
    • Ten Easy Ways to Make Your Agile Retrospectives Great Again!
  • 13
    Bonus: Scrum Mastery Self Assessment
    • RETRAINED Self Assessment
  • 14
    • You Made It!