"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom" - Socrates

Make sure your strengths don't become your weaknesses

Have you wondered what you could do if you didn't feel such a fraud all the time, or put everyone else's needs before your own? Has the perfectionism that has been such a big part of your success now started to hinder you? Would you love the confidence to be your true self and speak with impact? This course will help you understand where your traps are and give you many tools to turn them into your strengths.

Master Your Traits

We are all human and, as such, we have our own insecurities, preferences and habits. We have learned what works for us over the years and it's only natural to play to our strengths. At times, however, our strengths can become our weaknesses especially if we overplay them. This course, based on the award-winning book The Coach's Casebook will help you:

  • Tame your feeling of being an Impostor

  • Better align your needs with what you do for others

  • Harness your independent streak without alienating others

  • Turn your desire for perfection into a healthy striving for excellence

  • Become calmer and more impactful when under the spotlight

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome To My Self Mastery Course
  • 2
    Impostor Syndrome
    • Impostor Syndrome Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • What Is Impostor Syndrome?
    • Where Does Impostor Syndrome Come From?
    • Benefits and Downsides of Impostor Syndrome
    • Reduce The Impostor Syndrome Gap
    • Technique: Career Timeline
    • Technique: 555 Feedback
    • Technique: Magazine Interview
  • 3
    People Pleasing
    • What Is People Pleasing?
    • Where Does People Pleasing Come From?
    • Benefits of People Pleasing
    • Downsides of People Pleasing
    • The Karpman Drama Triangle
    • Navigate The Behavioural Spectrum
    • Start To Bring It Into Balance
    • Technique: Perceptual Positions
    • Technique: Assertiveness Practice
    • Technique: Relationships Audit
  • 4
    Going To Excess
    • What is Going To Excess
    • Symptoms of Going To Excess
    • Benefits of Going To Excess
    • Downsides of Going To Excess
    • Does Going To Excess Come From Nature?
    • The Human Givens FREE PREVIEW
    • Does Going To Excess Come From Nurture?
    • What Can You Do About Going To Excess?
    • Technique: Attribute Shopping
    • Technique: Mindfulness
    • Technique: Modelling Internal Strategies
  • 5
    Fierce Independence
    • What is Fierce Independence?
    • Symptoms of Fierce Independence
    • Benefits of Fierce Independence
    • Downsides of Fierce Independence
    • Where does Fierce Independence Come From?
    • Run a Core Values Exercise
    • Technique: Make A Non Violent Request
    • Technique: Walk a Mile
    • Technique: Dependency Check
  • 6
    • What Is Cynicism?
    • Benefits of Cynicism
    • Downsides of Cynicism
    • Where Does Cynicism Come From?
    • What Can You Do About Cynicism?
    • The Energy Investment Model
    • What Can You Do About Cynicism? Part 2
    • Technique: Growth Mindset
    • Technique: Locus of Control
  • 7
    Driven By Fear
    • What is Driven By Fear
    • Symptoms of Driven By Fear
    • Where does Driven By Fear Come From
    • Benefits of Driven By Fear
    • Downsides of Driven By Fear
    • What Can You Do If You Are Driven By Fear?
    • 602 Miracle Question
    • 603 Creative Goal Setting
  • 8
    Ostrich Syndrome
    • What is Ostrich Syndrome?
    • Symptoms of Ostrich Syndrome
    • Benefits of Ostrich Syndrome
    • Downsides of Ostrich Syndrome
    • What can you do About Ostrich Syndrome?
    • Technique: Try Something New
    • Technique: Devils Advocate
    • Technique: 360 Feedback
  • 9
    • What is Perfectionism?
    • Symptoms of Perfectionism
    • Where Does Perfectionism Come From?
    • Benefits of Perfectionism
    • Downsides of Perfectionism
    • What Can You Do About Perfectionism?
    • Technique: Define Perfection
    • Technique: Inner Boardroom
    • Technique: Leadership Styles
  • 10
  • 11
    Performance Anxiety
    • What is Performance Anxiety? FREE PREVIEW
    • Symptoms of Performance Anxiety
    • Benefits of Performance Anxiety
    • Downsides of Performance Anxiety
    • Where Does Performance Anxiety Come From?
    • What Can You Do About Performance Anxiety?
    • Technique: Present Moment Awareness
    • Technique: The Three Ps
    • Technique: Anchoring
  • 12
    • 999 Close

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  • Will I be able to go back to this course again in the future?

    If you are on one of our subscription packages then you will have access to the course for as long as your subscription remains valid. If you have purchased the lifetime access theny you will be able to access to this course in perpetuity.

  • Can I get bulk access to this course for my team?

    Contact us for details of our bulk licensing options

  • Is there any real-time interaction with Geoff?

    This course is made up of pre-recorded videos only. However, if you have colleagues interested then bespoke hybrid versions can be arranged. Geoff also offers 1-2-1 coaching via his website inspectandadapt.com

  • Is there an exam

    No. Each module will have a short quiz for you to solidify your learning but there is no pass mark or possibility to "fail" the course.


  • Geoff Watts

    Senior Instructor

    Geoff Watts

    Geoff is the founder of Agile Mastery Institute and one of the most experienced and respected agile coaches, trainers and authors in the world. With over 20 years experience and multiple award-winning books behind him, he is a sought-after trainer and keynote speaker. This is your chance to get access to Geoff's experience.


Sally-Ann, Development Team Leader

It really helped my confidence

Sally-Ann, Development Team Leader

I've felt like an Imposter for years but didn't know it was actually a thing. This course has really helped me be more confident
Thea, Senior Business Analyst

Learned a lot about myself

Thea, Senior Business Analyst

I didn't know what to expect when this was recommended to me but I learned a lot about myself through this course.

Master Your Traits

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